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20:20 Vision
Church 2020 Vision
Why Redevelop the Building?
The Methodist Church has been an essential part of the Portishead community since 1884. The first Methodists met in a small house on Albert Road moving to its present site on the High Street in 1887. Since then the church has always sought to serve the community through worship, prayer and getting alongside others.

Over the years this has meant changes in the way the church has  been run and how our building has been used. In 1997 the current Wesley Centre was built and is now used by many community groups throughout the week. And that number is growing.  We have now observed a need for a community coffee shop and hub in the town with people desiring a safe place in their hectic, busy and sometimes stressful lives. As a church ideally placed on the High Street we wish to use our building to enable people to find a place of welcome and hope.

Our vision is to develop the ground floor of the building creating a coffee shop which will be open 6 days a week (as well as being available to hire for parties and celebrations) and creating 2 small purpose built rooms for use by local community groups, businesses and therapists. We have been in discussion with many different groups and organisations within the town about their needs and we believe we will have a resource that will be open and accessible to all ages and genders, those of faith and of none - all will be welcome.

We have a long road ahead of us raising funds to pay for the redevelopment and raising awareness of what we wish to achieve. Our hope is that you would like to be a part of this journey with us.
What’s Involved and how much will it cost?
For our vision to become a reality and the coffee shop to open we need to redevelop the ground floor of our building. In this area there will be:

  • A state of the art kitchen.
  • A pleasant and calm coffee shop with a play area for small children.
  • 2 fully functioning meeting/therapy rooms.
  • An outside courtyard seating area.

We will also need to install a new boiler to meet the demands of this redevelopment.

All of this costs money! Our estimated costs at this point are £400,000. Although this sounds a lot to raise there is a small dedicated group who are already identifying and speaking to potential funders, some of whom are interested in working with us. We hope that at least three quarters of the cost will come from external funding groups.

Our hope and prayer is that people from the church and the town will see the potential benefit of this new coffee shop and wish to help raise funds towards the cost of the redevelopment. If you would like to discuss how you could be involved in raising funds or awareness of the project please contact us at the church office.

Please pray that this redevelopment project will enable some of the vulnerable and isolated people in our town to find a place a welcome and acceptance.

Church 2020 Vision

Portishead Methodist Church
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