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Baby Baptism Ceremony


We welcome people of all ages to consider Baptism.


Believing that God's unconditional love for us comes first, the emphasis is on His welcome and love for all His people as part of the wider Church - with this in mind Baptism usually takes place as part of the regular Sunday worship. In the Baptism of an infant parents, god-parents and the congregation make promises before God that they will encourage the child to follow Jesus Christ.


In adult Baptism the person being baptised makes a public declaration that they wish to follow Jesus for themselves.


We also have two other types of service for parents who don’t feel able to make those promises but wish to celebrate the birth of their child.




This is normally for parent who wish to give thanks to God for their child but believe that Baptism is something that should be undertaken by the child themselves when they are old enough to make that decision. The parents make similar promises as above but the child is given a blessing rather than baptised with water.



This is an opportunity to say thank you to God for the child without the requirement of a profession of faith. The child is offered a blessing. This differs from an act of dedication in that the parents are more required to make any promises.


If you would like to talk through any of the services above please contact our minister Rev Nick.

Pastrol contact

Rev Nick Moxon

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